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WELCOME to Caring From a Distance (CFAD)—an organization for long-distance caregivers.

Are you one of the 6.9 million Americans struggling to care for an aging parent or other loved one who lives in a far-away location? If you are, we are here to help.

Whether you live across the world or an hour away, you and your family face special challenges. Long-term care is costly. What benefits are available? Where can you educate and inform yourself to navigate a complex field, search for available assistance and access the local resources they require? How can you, family and friends coordinate and communicate in an emergency? What can you do to support their care when you visit? CFAD is here to help:

  • If you are in a crisis and need assistance fast, click on Service Directories to and Links to find local help and useful tools for coordinating services.

  • If you need to educate yourself to learn more about long term care options, how to pay for them and distance caregiving, just click on What To Do or Library.

  • If you need to talk over upcoming decisions, you can organize a free conference call to share concerns and latest news.

Caring From a Distance is an independent, non-profit organization. We take no referral fees from service providers.

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To read Nora Jean Levin's guest blog "Assisted Living can be an Unhinging Experience"(2/23/16) click here.

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